AnimSchool FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AnimSchool?
AnimSchool is the online school for 3D animation skills! We offer two 12-month certificate programs, each requiring 9 months of pre-requisites. The "3D Character" Program Track teaches modeling and rigging. The "3D Animation" Program Track teaches animation.
Who is AnimSchool for?
AnimSchool is for new students who want to learn the core skills involved in high-end 3D animation: 1. making 3D characters, or 2. making them move and act.
It's also for working 3D animators and modelers/riggers who need a boost in their career, and just want to take select classes from senior and supervisor-level teachers.
How long are the terms?
Each term is 11 weeks. There are four terms per year. Each Track & Program normally includes 7 or 8 terms.
How long is the class time?
The classes are scheduled for about 90 minutes during which the instructor teaches the students through lecture and live workflow demonstrations. Most classes will also hold a 1-3 hour "Critique Time", at another day and/or time when the teacher reviews each student's assignment. The length of that session depends on how many students there are to review. Students may choose to stay for other students' critiques.
For small classes, the Critique Time may combined with the regular Class Time because the lecture and critiques can be accomplished within the other two to three-hour Class Time.
Are there video lectures?
The instructor gives a live lecture each week. Many courses also offer additional pre-recorded videos explaining curriculum concepts and tools.
Each class is recorded for later access while an active student or graduate of AnimSchool. Our many supplemental review sessions and live art classes are all recorded well and become part of the permanent library for active students and graduates.
Can working animators just take individual classes?
Yes! For students who don't need to enter a full 21-24 month course of study, they can sign up for individual classes to give them a needed boost in their career. However, students have to be approved by AnimSchool's Review Board to enroll in the selected course.
When do the terms begin?
Classes normally begin the first few days of January, April, July, October each year. Refer to the Academic Calendar
Do entering students have to start at a particular term?
New students can begin at any term of the year.
Do 3D Animation students make their own character rigs?
AnimSchool provides exceptional character rigs for animators to use for each assignment.
Does AnimSchool offer student discounts for the 3D software?
Yes. For students enrolled in a program, they are eligible to buy Autodesk Maya at student discount rates. AnimSchool is also part of Autodesk's amazing free software program. AnimSchool program students are currently eligible to download a copy of Maya for free!
How many students are accepted per term?
We typically approve 40 - 60 new students each term, joining our student body of about 250 students.
How much does AnimSchool cost?
Tuition for each 11-week term costs US $1620 or $540 per month. The 7-term program costs $11,340 (or more if classes need to be repeated, or the Introduction to Maya software course is also needed) plus an application fee of $125. See the Tuition page for more details.
How fast does my internet have to be to attend AnimSchool classes?
Fast “basic broadband” internet access is absolutely required. For best results, students need download speeds of 1.5 Mbps or more and upload speeds of 1.2 Mbps or more.
To find out the speeds you are experiencing on your computer and connection, go to a website such as and hit the Begin Test button.
What is the Easy-Pay program?
The Easy-Pay program is a way to spread out the cost of tuition to bring the (per-month) cost down to $362 per month. Over 33 months, students take four one-term breaks from classes, during which they continue to access the AnimSchool website and improve their skills, but aren't enrolled in classes. Each month during these breaks as well as three months before, students make 33 total payments. Note that completing an AnimSchool program this way takes 33 months, 12 months longer than the usual 21 months. See the AnimSchool Catalog for more information.
What are AnimSchool's Graduates' Employment Rates and Graduation Rates?
AnimSchool Graduation and Employment Rates for the most recent period:
Reporting Period March 2019
Graduates starting programs during the year: June 2016-May 2017

Employment Rates (graduates employed in the animation field within the reporting period, ~6 months after graduating):
Overall Employment Rate: 86%
30 employed out of 35 available for employment from the most recent period.
3D Animation Program (12 months): 75%
3D Character Program (12 months): 91%

Graduation Rates (students graduate program within 150% of program length):
Overall Graduation Rate: 54%
36 graduated out of 65 available for graduation from the most recent period.
3D Animation Program (12 months): 47%
3D Character Program (12 months): 81%
Overall: 36 graduated out of 65 available for graduation from that period.

Easy Pay Programs were a small cohort of 1 due to the transition from our previous 21 month program. We are just beginning to be able to report on the new EasyPay results.
Reporting Period March 2019

Graduates starting programs during the year: September 2015-August 2016
Graduation Rates (students graduate program within 150% of program length):
Easy Pay 3D Animation Program (18 months): 0 out of 1: 0%

Note: The Programs are 12 months in length after 9-12 months in preparatory classes to qualify. The entire courses of study are 21-24 months in length.
The EasyPay Programs are 18 months in length after 15 months of preparatory classes to qualify.
I can't find my state on the application
In compliance with all of the state regulations that apply to students throughout the United States, AnimSchool is unable to accept students from the following states. For more information you can click on the State's name for details about the regulations preventing students from applying from a specific state.

Current Application Blocks
  • Alabama
  • Delaware
  • Maryland
  • Michigan
  • Nebraska
  • New Mexico
  • Oklahoma
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
Temporary Application Blocks
  • Georgia
  • North Dakota
  • Texas

AnimSchool expects be able to accept students from the States on the temporary block list, after the school is nationally accredited.

Who are the people behind AnimSchool?
Each term we have over 35 instructors teach our many classes. Nearly all of our instructors are experienced at studios like Dreamworks, Disney, Sony Pictures, Blue Sky Studios, Pixar, ReelFx and other studios are teaching at AnimSchool. They teach at AnimSchool after hours.
AnimSchool's founder is David Gallagher, former Character Development Supervisor at Blue Sky Studios, animator, modeler, and rigger.
What are the requirements to enroll?
Prospective students need to be 18 or older, be a High School graduate or equivalent, have a working knowledge of English, and show aptitude (normally drawing or some 3D exploration) and eagerness to complete the program of study. Students must have a working knowledge of computers, Windows or Mac. Students should be familiar with Autodesk Maya or take our preparatory Introduction to Maya course (which increases the Track length by 3 months).

They also need to have access to high-speed internet for class time.

If you are age 13-18, you can take classes from working AnimSchool graduates at our partner
How often are the classes held?
Most of our classes are held two days each week. There is a lecture and instruction during "Class Time". In addition, most classes will hold "Critique Time" at a separate day and/or time, when each student's assignment can be reviewed. Smaller classes may not require Critique Time. Students can sign up for the particular teacher and class time that works best for them. Click on Classes Now Offered in the Programs menu above.
How are the classes conducted?
Classes are accessed through your homepage at using advanced web-conferencing software allowing instructors and student to interact via chat, mic, and webcamera. During lectures, teachers can show their desktop to review the students' work and demonstrate concepts and workflows.
Can students pick their teachers?
Many classes have multiple class sessions offered. For those, students can choose which teacher to take their classes from. The more popular classes fill first, so students are should register early, as soon as each term’s registration period is announced (usually at least one month before each term begins).
How big are the class sizes?
Classes are kept small to allow for comfortable interaction and maximum face-to-face time with the teacher. Usually 10 students or fewer.
What time of day are the classes offered?
Classes are designed to fit around the work schedules of the working teachers, and tend to be in the hours between 7-12 in the evening in the U.S. time zones, and on Saturdays. We also hold a limited number of mid-day classes for the benefit of those in a wide-range of timezones.
Which 3D software package does AnimSchool use?
We support Autodesk Maya and Pixologic ZBrush.
Do 3D Character (modeling&rigging) students learn scripting?
3D Character students can focus on the aesthetic or the technical side of those skills. Some scripting is taught in the first four core classes. The 3D Character curriculum includes, but doesn't require, advanced scripting.
What makes AnimSchool different from other schools?
1. AnimSchool strives to be the premiere online school devoted to teaching 3D animation, modeling and rigging skills. Our standards of progress have meant our graduates are uniquely qualified for employment, which makes our graduates' employment rate very high, currently 86%
2. At AnimSchool, we are passionate about great 3D characters. Appealing, convincing characters are at the heart of AnimSchool.
What jobs will a certificate at AnimSchool prepare the student for?
AnimSchool students will be qualifying to find employment as a 3D animator, 3D modeler, rigger (character TD), 3D artist, 3D generalist in the feature film, visual FX, television broadcast, video gaming, advertising, and web industries.
Are there other costs involved?
Students are also responsible for purchasing or having access to: computer, web camera (with microphone), educational-discounted Maya 3D software, and textbooks.
Does AnimSchool offer financial aid?
AnimSchool is an unaccredited school, so U.S. government-backed loans are not available. Students can arrange private loans themselves or participate in our Easy-Pay program.
What is the contact information for AnimSchool?
209 West 520 North, Orem, UT 84057
(801) 765 - 7677
Is AnimSchool registered as a school?
AnimSchool is compliant with all state post-secondary proprietary school laws and is registered under the UTAH POST-SECONDARY PROPRIETARY SCHOOL ACT (Title 13, Chapter 34, Utah Code)
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