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Take a look at all the character rigs our students enjoy using
At AnimSchool, characters aren’t just a tool. They’re a main focus!
Griffon Rig
Griffon is one of our advanced game rigs, with face controls.

Designed by EliOli.
Sorceress Rig
Game animation students use the enchanting Sorceress in the upper game classes.

Sorceress was designed by Jordan Kerbow.
Rock Rig
Rock is a great game character rig, capable of crushing good guys but just as likely to fall apart into rock pieces.
Elwood Rig
Elwood was our first game animation character!
Hellhound Rig
Our second game class unlocks Hellhound, a creature you may not want to run into.
Students in our game animation classes can learn using Riker.

Riker is made using an all new rig initiative - we've taken the extreme facial expressiveness AnimSchool is known for and brought it to the game rig world! Riker has a wide range of expressions not usually seen in games.

Riker was designed by artist Wesley Tippetts.

Come join our gaming animation classes to learn skills with AnimSchool rigs!
Marco Rig .20
Marco is AnimSchool's new pretty-boy character rig. He has two complete outfit changes and two hairstyles to choose from. Marco represents a new initiative with more detailed texturing taking advantage of Maya's Viewport 2.0 stingray materials display.
Giacomo Rig
Giacomo is our advanced animation students' choice for older character roles. Giacomo was built with each part and control being tested to extreme levels, making the strongest poses possible.

Giacomo was designed by famous animation veteran Sergio Pablos of The SPA Studios, and modeled by AnimSchool students Marcus Ng and Pablo Bellozas.
Maggie Rig
Maggie is our adorable little girl rig. She is a new favorite for AnimSchool students. You can't say no to face like that.

Maggie was designed by AnimSchool founder Dave Gallagher and Disney animator Amanda Zima.
Marshall Rig
Marshall is great when our students need a rounder profile. Marshall has clothing options: shirt, jacket, pants, shoes, poseable toes, as well as fat controls.

Marshall was designed by Disney animator Boris Maras.
Marshall Nacho Rig
Marshall Nacho is a "mod" of the original Marshall Rig.
Ignacio Rig
Ignacio is a super flexible iguana character, especially good for comedic shots.

Ignacio was designed by Disney veteran Tom Bancroft.
Malcolm 2.0 Rig
AnimSchool's world-renowned flagship rig has dozens of wardrobe and hair options. Our free Malcolm character and AnimSchool Picker have been downloaded by over 35,000 users.

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Download the Malcolm 2.0 public version here. (Note: parts of the Evil Scientist and Cowboy Villain are not included)

It's like dozens of rigs in one.

Marnie 2.0
Marnie is a gorgeous female rig -- sure to attract any male 3D character in sight! Sleek and sophisticated, Marnie has retro charm and good looks! Marnie 2.0 has mix and match outfits.

Using AnimSchool Picker, students can turn on and off entire costumes or individual parts. You can even make her barefoot, since she has poseable toes.

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Marnie was designed by AnimSchool founder Dave Gallagher.
Mikey Rig
Mikey is a film-quality boy rig AnimSchool students can use alone or with the Maggie little girl rig.

Mikey was designed by the talented Alessandro Toccaceli.
Coach Rig
Coach is our top-heavy muscle-bound character rig, with an advanced, flexible facial rig. Using the most refined, advanced characters allows AnimSchool student work to stand out among competitors.

Coach has clothing options: shirt, collar, cleats, shoes, pants or gym shorts.

Coach was designed by AnimSchool founder Dave Gallagher and Disney animator Boris Maras.
Scout Rig
Scout is AnimSchool's advanced dog rig. Scout is not just for learning quadruped animation-- he has a very detailed facial rig.

Scout was painstakingly developed to reach artfully designed poses, and allow for a myriad of variations in expression.
Coach Batman Mod by Max Schneider
AnimSchool's Coach rig, transformed into a Batman-type character.

This great mod was made by AnimSchool graduate Maxmiliano Schneider.
Malcolm Robin Rig
Student Malcolm Robin mod by Maxmiliano Schneider!
Block Rig
Block is one of our flagship simple rigs. Students use these segmented rigs to learn body mechanics so each posing decision is explicit, without being obscured by deformations.

Plus they're like fun toys!
Block Malcolm Rig
A simple rig version of our Malcolm character. This segmented character lets students learn body mechanics by being explicit in posing decisions, without being distracted by deformations.
Tub Rig
Tub is one of our flagship simple rigs. Students use these segmented rigs to learn body mechanics so each posing decision is explicit, without being obscured by deformations.

Plus they're like fun toys!
Organic Block Rig
This Block character mod was made by student Keith Seyer. This is a rounded version of Block, with bend capability added to the arms/legs.
CubeAll Rig
AnimSchool's first "block" character, CubeAll is a good way for students to begin learning body animation.
Block Zoe
This Block character mod was made by graduate Michael Chen. This is a female version of Block.
Steroid Block
This Block character mod was made by student Alissar Kobeissi. This is a version of Block with a muscle profile.
Blocky Nana
Great Block character modeled by Ayman Moadad and rigged by graduate Pablo Sepulveda.
Bone Apart Rig
One of AnimSchool's very first rigs, it's BoneApart! Students use him whenever a cartoony skeleton is needed.
AsianMalcolm is a great Malcolm mod from contributor Cody Lyon.
Animschool offers the most flexible and appealing rigs
We started AnimSchool because we love appealing characters!
Make and move appealing characters
AnimSchool characters and AnimSchool Picker are used worldwide by over 35,000 enthusiasts and professionals.
AnimSchool's Malcolm rig has been used to win numerous awards and in thousands of personal and commercial productions. Since the founding of AnimSchool, our characters have become known worldwide as the standard in speed, flexibility, and appeal. Animators love animating with fun, flexible character rigs. We love seeing characters come to life! Character artists learn to model great appealing shapes and topologies that deform well. Then how to hand-craft rigs that invite a solid performance.
Whether students enroll into the 3D Character or the 3D Animation program, they will appreciate our commitment to characters.
We love appealing characters!
We teach people how to make great characters. We teach how to make them act convincingly. We’re focused on appeal.
AnimSchool CEO Dave Gallagher said "Growing up, I was enthralled with the characters in movies like Jungle Book and 101 Dalmatians. Some of the Warner Bros. shorts were just as inspiring to me! To me, those 2D characters with their expressivity, stunning character design, and personality are highwater marks. Even though in 3D animation we can refine the acting like never before, it’s so rare to find 3D characters that come close to being that expressive and beautiful.
This is what drives me and excites me in this field! Now I want to bring those sensibilities to students all across the world here at AnimSchool."
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