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AnimSchool's Malcolm Rig

Learn about AnimSchool's Malcolm rig here. Click to proceed to the Terms of Use Agreement page to download AnimSchool's famous "Malcolm" rig or the AnimSchool Picker.

AnimSchool's Malcolm is one of the most well-known 3D characters among animators. He has been used by over 10,000 animators worldwide. Malcolm has been used to win several animation contests, in notable animation shorts, and commercials.

He is widely considered to have one of the most flexible and expressive face rigs available.

Malcolm is a very complex, feature-quality rig, so not suitable for those just starting to learn animation. New students of animation should consider applying to be an AnimSchool student.

Malcolm 2.0 - Temporary Offer!

Join with us to make Malcolm 2.0 free to the community again! Read more here:

How to Use Malcolm

Have Questions?


Since Malcolm is a free gift offered to the community, we can't answer emailed questions from those outside the school about the rigs.

Ask your questions at the AnimSchool Public Forums: www.animschoolforums.com

There you'll find discussions about common installation and usage problems.

And examples of Malcolm animations.

And answers about the AnimSchool Picker.

How to Install Malcolm


Malcolm v1.09 for Maya 2009

Installation Instructions:
InstallAnimSchoolPicker. Follow the instructions on that page.

Unzip malcolm_v100Maya2009.zip  (or the current filename)

Reference the file malcolm.ma:

Place the malcolm.ma file in a known location.
File>Create Reference. Point it to the malcolm.ma file

NOTE:  If you notice any performance problem, it may be a Maya file reference problem. If so, we recommend importing the reference. This breaks the connection with the character souce file (and you can no longer easily update the character file). We have heard some users experience a problem with referenced files, where the scene has difficulty loading or becomes slow.
To import the reference, open the Reference Editor and do File>Import Objects From Reference.

Open AnimSchoolPicker to select the controls.


Malcolm v1.00 for Softimage 2011

Installation Instructions

Unzip the file, and put these files into the Synoptic folder of your project:




Put this file into the Pictures folder:


Put this file into your Models folder:


Use "Import Model" or "Import Referenced Model" and select the .emdl

The character loads.

Hit F3 to open the Synoptic (selection GUI)

Malcolm Mods (user-made modifications)

NOTE: The following files are made by users and are not supported by AnimSchool. They may not be fully tested. For support or questions, visit www.animschoolforums.com and post your question in the mods section.

malcolmRigMayaIcon test

Female Malcolm Mod v1.00 for Maya 2011

by Josh Sobel

Unzip malcolmFemaleJoshSobel_v100Maya2011.zip  (or the current filename)Follow the instructions for Malcolm above.Note: In the viewport, use Shading>Hardware Texturing to the see the face coloring.

This file was made by users and is not supported by AnimSchool. For support or questions, visit www.animschoolforums.com and post your question in the mods section.


Female Malcolm Mod v1.00 for Softimage 2012

by Will Sharkey

Unzip malcolmFemaleWillSharkey_v100Softimage2012.zip (or the current filename)Follow the instructions for Malcolm above.

This file was made by users and is not supported by AnimSchool. For support or questions, visit www.animschoolforums.com and post your question in the mods section.

Previously Used Tool:


abxPicker for Maya

AbxPicker was used before AnimSchool Picker became available. It is included here for legacy purposes. abxPicker is a GUI to select parts of the character or run scripts.

abxPicker is provided to you for free courtesy of Adam Burke. These files are provided by the permission of the author, Adam Burke, to users of AnimSchool character rigs, and their use is covered by their own license. For more information, see: http://www.creativecrash.com/users/j-adam-burke

(This is an edited version from the one now available on creativecrash.com, which allows relative pathnames to the background images.)

Installation Instructions:
unzip the abxPicker folder within the zip file for your Maya version.
put the abxPicker.mel and abxPicker.png files into your Maya version's script folder. For example:
on Mac computers:
Then inside Maya, run this command:
source "abxPicker.mel"; abxPicker;
Put that command on a button, so you can quickly relaunch it.
You may have to restart Maya to get it to see the script.