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Monday, May 22, 2017

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AnimSchool 3D Animation Student Showcase

3D animation is the process of bringing characters to life with movement and believable acting. Students at AnimSchool are expertly guided through this process by one-on-one interaction with animators from the best studios in the industry.

The creators of AnimSchool have designed a program to help students gain the skills they need to meet the growing demand for skilled 3D animation artists. Students admitted to the 3D Animation program learn about posing, drawing, appeal, motion, acting, and all the classical principles of animation. The following series of courses allow students to create realistic and entertaining 3D animation.

  • Learn The Software Program

    AnimSchool students should already be familiar with Autodesk Maya, or they learn the basics of the Maya 3D software package in Introduction to Maya. In this lower-cost course, the students explore everything from the basic software interface to more complex things like modeling objects, simple animation, lights, cameras and rendering. Student learn how to manage objects (like grouping and parenting) and edit them. This course covers the skills required for subsequent instruction in the modeling, rigging and animation courses.

  • Coach
  • Apply the Principles of Animation

    Students then use simple characters to learn believable motion in Introduction to 3D Animation. They learn timing, arcs, weight, gravity, drag, secondary action, anticipation, follow-through, squash and stretch and overlap to master the basics of animation.

  • Character Motion

    It is important for a 3D animator to clearly understand the mechanics of biped character locomotion. Believable character movement depends on the careful use of all the principles learned before, now applied to the human body in Animating Characters. Students learn how to make a character feel like it has weight, with believable balance and center-of-gravity. The timing of each body part’s movement is critical to the illusion, and student learn how to stage action to the camera to enhance the audience’s experience.

  • Body Mechanics

    In the Body Mechanics class, students learn how to make biped characters move in two exercises, with an emphasis on balance, direction changes, action, realistic force, and IK/FK switching. Student also learn quadruped locomotion, animating a dog walk.

  • Pantomime acting

    is important for believable 3D characters. In Body Acting, animators make their creations appear to think and react based on internal motivation or external forces. Students begin to use more creativity, developing a story for their characters, then use cameras to stage their characters in the 3D software. Without any dialogue, the characters are placed in a situation to show action, reaction, posing contrasts, movement and moving holds. Students learn about acting beats/phrasing, personality, appeal, and the art of storytelling!

  • Dialogue Acting

    Once body mechanics and pantomime body acting are mastered, students arrive at the next step in Character Performance class. They are now ready to use AnimSchool’s world-renowned advanced characters, with feature-film level facial and body rigs, to make that character come to life on the screen. Students select a dialogue clip from a movie or tv show, and pose their characters using appeal and an understanding of acting and choreography.

  • Mikey
  • Facial Acting

    Convincing facial performance is essential to a believable 3D character, and one of the trickiest but most enjoyable tasks to master. In Facial Performance class, students learn how the face works as a unit to offer subtle insight into the thoughts and motives of the character. Choosing an entertaining acting clip, showing some emotion, change, or interesting situation, students bring the face of the characters to life.

  • Acting Choices with Appeal

    In Animating Appeal and Entertainment, students bring all their skills together in a final acting piece. Now that they are on solid footing with all their animating skills, this class focuses on making the right acting choices in the early stages, to maximize entertainment value. In addition, students are now able to learn a higher level of polish and texture to their finished work.

AnimSchool provides an ideal learning environment where students have access to the best instructors and the most helpful supplemental information. AnimSchool has a reputation for training students to be a competitive force in the 3D industry.

"Online reviews with some of the best animators in the world who really take the time to look at your work." –Mark B.

"Now I know how to make animation better, appealing. After AnimSchool, I feel empowered." –Carlos R.

"AnimSchool has allowed me to advance in a career that is filled with opportunities" –Carlos G.

"I’ve learned so much and I’m really happy I chose AnimSchool! It’s pretty cool that I get to work on characters I love...I’m thrilled that I get to model, rig and animate Donald Duck’s nephews for a Disney project." –Nanda D.

"Without knowing anything about Maya 2 ½ years ago and be able to do these sort of things today – makes me really proud!" –Martin S.

"I didn’t know crap about 3D animation before I got here, so it’s really cool! I have an animation job now." –Maikoe A.

"I finished school, got a job and was promoted to Animation Supervisor--all because of AnimSchool." –Dimitar B.

"I've learned a lot from all the professional animators at AnimSchool! Their stories about daily work in major studios and productions worldwide made the profession come alive for me." –Imelda A.

"I had done commercials and worked on TV for 5 years, but during my first class at AnimSchool I realized that I didn’t know how to animate yet! This was just so different!" –Daniel J.

"I am now comfortable with modeling, character creation and rigging in Maya. Before AnimSchool, I didn’t know how to rig anything." –Richitos M.

"Even though it’s an online school it feels like a whole community of people who I have never met before but became really good friends with...it’s simply the BEST!" –Dilen S.

"The instructors are among the best. They have been super kind with me - they not only taught me how to animate better, they also pushed me to become a good team member." –Carlos A.

"From class to class I could see a marked improvement in my work." –Maxim K.